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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Banned in the Backyard Jam 2012

banned in the backyard 2012 from Banned Vids on Vimeo.

So much fun! Cant wait to do it again. Those who missed out this year will be sure to make it next. Here are two more links with badass photos from the weekend.

photos from Ryan Sher
photos from Rob Dolecki

1 comment:

  1. banned is cool
    i broke my arm smashing the fuck out of a hill omw to work one day
    so now im in a cast n have nothing to do but smoke weed all day. i cant eb=even work dog
    i bought a banned weed sprocket. time to paint it purple
    my homeboy across the street hooks it up with the purple, everyday when we boh wake up at unemployed 11am
    the first day i came home with both arms bandaged up, he wedge a can of beer in my bandais\ds,
    thnx lucas!

    i wish i broke my arm at your jam