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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

some of the kids from nj i grew up ridin with have been helpin me out with filming and photos for banned shits.. theyre making a video called breaking free with some pretty gnarly shit in it, like this gap erk did this week

going up to boston soon to get some shit done before heading to florida for the cold months, adios

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

devlin always one step ahead

hopefully we can bump into Devlin on his wild journeys, so he can keep up his streak of being in all the banned's

Monday, September 28, 2009


posted 2 hours, 4 minutes ago

Name: Colt Fake
Sponsors: Metal Bikes, Banned, Osiris and Mesh Skatepark
Your height: 5’9”

Frame: Metal Blood Wolf 20.5
Fork: Odyssey dirt
Bars: Metal sasquatch lite
Grips: ODI longnecks
Bar ends: Plastic
Stem: Shadow
Brake Lever: Odyssey small
Brake: Fly
Seat: Metal
Seat Post: Thompson
Clamp: ???random
Cranks: We The People
Sprocket: Metal 30 tooth
Pedals: Odyssey trail mix
Chain: Shadow
Rear Wheel: Profile mini ti axel on a odyssey hazard lite
Front Wheel: Macniel hub hollow 14mm on a hazard lite
Pegs: Sputnic
Rear Tyre: Aitken rear
Front Tyre: Aitken front
Weight of bike: 32?

Colt is currently working on a Sturdy Wrists to be featured in a future issue of Dig. As you can see from this sequence and his Banned video parts, it won’t be a let down.

I grinded the dropouts in to make it 13.75 and gummy guys strapped in.

Describe your personal bike setup:
Gotta be tight but not too tight. Some broken in looseness is good. Light, but sturdy where it needs to be so no need to worry about gettin’ hurt from failed bike parts. Gots to have fun decorations ‘n’ shit.

Describe the contents of your personal bike tool bag.
Don’t have one. Not even at home, I lose all my tools.

What part do you wear through the quickest?
Brake cables are always gettin’ kinked on me, spokes ‘n’ rims, then spindles.

Do you patch flat tyres or get new tubes?
New tubes.

Which parts are you paranoid about breaking?
Crank arms because I seen it happen to friends doing big things and looks like it hurts a lot. I’m fairly light ‘n’ small so im not that worried about it

Where do your parts go when you’re done with them?
Garage or garbage.

Who builds your wheels? Anything special about them?
James Covington at Mesh Skatepark is real good at building wheels.

Cassette or freecoaster?
Cassette, I don’t like to play.

Kevlar bead or regular bead?
Regular. Kevlar blows out.

Plastic pedals or metal?
Metal grips last way long. I did make metal pins for plastic pedals once but they’re gay.

What’s your relationship with the lion king?
I look like moofassa and I like to moovefasta? It’s why you guys started calling me that, haha.

Photos by Jeff Allen

ATL boy burden ripping pipe

ChrisBurden for from thePHCY on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Banned in nj

tom molyneux here from banned nj chapter.. all is quiet on the garden state front.. lose house, farewell jam, new house, moldy house gets condemned, everyone has pnuemonia, filming filming filming..

gary d flowin

lots of travelling coming up, look for us in your town

Sunday, September 20, 2009