Billy R. pic:cottle

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Colt Fake Checks In

It has been awhile since i have done an update. first off im super syked that Chip at Sparkys helped us get! website stickers coming soon. New everything coming soon actually! new hard goods color way, new shirts, new hats, etc.!Ive had to put banned on the back burner for awhile now because i have been busy fixing up my new home so i can move in. IT will be new banned headquarters where editing,product design, and shrededge of the new to come, banned ramps will all go down. For you that dont know, Rickey and Gary worked really hard on making a banned ramp setup,and i am proud to take, and recreate them in memory of them! shout out to Matt Shaw for storing them for me until banned HQ is ready for them.GET WELL SOON BUDDY! I have also picked up a new job that i cant get into great detail about because of Universal Studios rules about leaking stuff before it comes out, but it involves pogo sticking at a great pay! which will help pay house bills, n support banned in our future adventures. R.I.P. 71N casselberry trails. We all keeping our heads up, they cant stop us!
sneak peak at rbgd ramps
sneak peak at rbgd ramps
Matt shaws tibia and fibula gone... ouch!
superman hahaha
last photo of me at 71N, thanks cottle

Monday, April 23, 2012


vid stills from erk n tom, steady clippin for chris crawfords video ROTTEN, out this winter
homie keith king from delaware just copped a shirt and sprocket off tom and sent in this pic. fuck yea

more news and shit comin soon

Monday, April 9, 2012


Banned is very proud to announce that we own the domain to "". Thanks to everyone who is down with Banned!RIP rick n gar

Colt has Rasta Brokebone T's for sale. hit him up!

if you are a bikeshop trying to get a hold of the Banned hard goods, hit up,