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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

jersey nug

Jersey weather has been amazing lately, with a few storms here and there. steady board walkin

Erks been filming for chris crawford's video ROTTEN, which should be out sometime this year. erk works on a tugboat for 2 weeks at a time, so whenever he gets home he goes in twice as hard. hes usually limping by the time he leaves.

I also been filmin a section for rotten. heading up to boston for a while in a few weeks. i went to the jam at ed's bike shop over the weekend, shit was pacckkkkeedddd. a lot of people came from all over, and a buncha friends i dont get to see too often. saw a couple kids reppin banned shirts, good shit.

Alot of kids have been asking me where they can find banned products cause their shops are out of stock. if your still having trouble, hit up cottles shop OUTSPOKEN. cottle is the fuckin man.

PK might be headin up north in a few days. im pretty sure colt kyle billy and daniel are doin good in florida..

hopefully they still have their faces.

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