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Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Month.

Today at 838pm MST marks one month since we lost our boys gary and rick. but we just want to let anyone who still supports us know that none of us are slowing down, or bailing out. its gonna be a bit rougher to make the banned shit work out but were gonna do it, even if we have to bring it back to a simpler cheaper level for us to all wrap our brains around how to do it. we have a ton of support from anyone whos always supported us so it shouldnt be too hard.

bates and gary had a motivation not many people had. they went out with a bang, dying for one of the only things they loved doing. they didnt need shit from anyone, always just pilin in the banned wagon and headin out broke as hell. still pourin some out for em everyday.

that being said, look out for shirts and hats that colts making, and were gonna try to get some other homemade stuff goin to save up for trips. theres a lot of shit we have to figure out but this dvd is definitely coming out, along with the gary d stem.

were all gonna be updating this from now on, but if theres anything anyone needs information on, you can email me at (i duno anyone elses emails) or hit anyone of us up on facebook.

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