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Monday, June 21, 2010


From the Orchid site:

"Our July 4th Jammy Jam is coming up soon. Thought I’d throw up an official “this is really going down” post. Here’s the 5 W’s. Spread the word…

WHO: Orchid Footwear and S&M Bikes

WHAT: July 4th Trail/Ramp Jam, BBQ, & Banned 4 Premiere

WHERE: Orchid HQ, 30 East 3rd Ave. Trappe, PA 19426

WHEN: Sunday July 4th, 3pm - 9pm

WHY: We’re kicking off an Orchid trip at the same time as S&M’s east coast trail trip. We’ll be raffling off prizes to benefit Catty Woods insurance fund. Grand prize is a helicopter ride on the spot. Yes, a helicopter will land here and take you for a spin, as soon as the winner is drawn. We’ll also have a new mini-ramp to session (skaters welcome, bring your boards) as well as a new vert wall & wooden hip.

HOW MUCH: Free to attend. $5.00 for food and $5.00 for keg access. Shoes will be on sale + Catty Woods shirts. Come out to ride, party, watch some professional maniacs, listen to bands, watch Banned 4, and show your support…"

Should be a kick ass time.. so come out and get dirty or stay clean the choice is yours.. today we celebrate our independence day

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