Billy R. pic:cottle

Saturday, October 31, 2009

all of us been real busy lately, went on miami trip, youll see shit from that soon, been filming for next dvd, everyone always hurt, kyles gonna die young, colt has no more brain, Pk is real high, daniels illegal, tom from jersey..


  1. hey this isnt the right spot to be asking but i didnt know where else to ask. i saw "banned three: better of dead" at my local shop, and i really like the main menu music. do you know the song name and artist?

    by the way, the vid was sick

  2. it's necro, but i dont know the song, who gives a fuck but just download heaps of his shit 'cos necro is killer

  3. thanks bro. dont forget to support your supporters over at ecd and atowntrash. keepmerkinit.